Mission: The Mission will be stated here

Goal 1: Student Performance

Increase rigor of curriculum at all levels and assure close alignment with Illinois Learning Standards. Design or obtain assessments to document student achievement in reading, math, language arts, science, and social science and to identify student learning needs in those areas. Develop action plans for students in the "does not meet" and "academic warning" categories and monitor progress. Build district, school and staff capacity to support the diverse needs of all learners. Develop plans to allocate resources based on student need.

Goal 2: Fiscal Responsibility

Identify areas to reduce cost with minimal negative impact on students. Pursue additional sources of revenue. Use new software to audit/adjust budget quarterly. Investigate financial projections in anticipation of contract negotiations with staff.

Goal 3: Facilities Maintenance

Prioritize building maintenance issues within current budgetary constraints. Complete required health life safety study and take necessary steps to comply with findings. Ensure safety of students on district buses by pursuing method of communicating with drivers while on routes. District will lease 10 buses for regular routes and one small bus for Pre-K route during 2005-2006 school year. Nine buses will be new. District will retain two buses for spares and sell the others through sealed bids.

Goal 4: Communication

Continue to update and expand web sites. Develop and implement plan to increase communication opportunites with various groups. Assess the need for and feasibility of a single telephone system.