CHS Scholastic Bowl

CHS Scholastic Bowl Team

Hayden S12
Lucas K12
Carter H11
Emma G10
Connor H10
Leslie J10
Lane Z10
Ethan S10


Matches: Season has ended!

For JV: Minimum of one member, with up to five at the table at a time.

Varsity: Minimum of four members with up to five at the table at a time.

Two halves with 10 questions each

One minute break between halves

Game ends when 20 toss-up questions are depleted

One timeout per half called by coach or captain

Timeouts must be called before toss-up category is called

Categories for Questions
Science: General Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics (one of each)

Math: Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, and Calculus (one of each)

Social Studies: American History, World History, Government, and Geography (one of each)

English: American Literature, World Literature, Grammar, and Spelling (one of each)

Miscellaneous: Computers, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Fine Arts, Sports, Business Education, Agriculture, Drivers Education, Health/Physical Education, and Industrial Arts (any combination of four)

Official scorekeeper (usually seated next to moderator)

Unoffical scorekeeper at blackboard

Moderator who is in charge of the match, reads questions and makes rulings

Toss-up Questions
Toss-ups must be answered within 10 seconds.

Toss-ups are worth 10 points.

Teams cannont confer on toss-ups.

Players can answer only when acknowledged by moderator.

Answers must be given within three seconds of being recognized.

A correct answer on a toss-up entitles team to answer the bonus questions.

An incorrect answer on a toss-up allows someone from the opposing team to buzz in and answer the toss-up.

Bonus Questions
Each part of a bonus question is worth 10 points.

Bonus questions usually have three parts.

Each part of a bonus questions must be answered within 10 seconds.

Teams may confer on bonus questions.

All work on the questions must stop at the end of the 30 seconds.

Captain may ask for questions to be re-read.

If some bonus answers are incorrect, the opposing team is given an opportunity to answer them, but they cannot ask to have the question re-read.

Students may talk only when introducing themselves and their coach, answering a tossup question, consulting on a bonus question, answering a bonus question (captain only), asking for a time out (captain only).

talking during the tossup question results in the loss of the opportunity to answer the question.

If a team talks while the other team is answering a toss-up question, the team talking will lose the opportunity to answer if the other team fails to answer correctly.

If team members continue to supply the captain with answers past the 30 second period, all answers given after the infraction are disqualified.

No team member may question procedure or a particular answer. That is for the coaches to address.