STI Instructions

STI Checking Absence Reason 

Open the class that attendance is for. Upon opening the following screen will be shown. If anyone is absent, there will be a red and white calendar icon to the right of their name. Place your mouse on it and a pop-up window will give the date of the absence, the reason for the absence, and the excused/unexcused information.

STI Beginning of Second and Fourth Quarter Instructions 

1. Create an assignment called Semester Exam (EX1 or 1SE or EX2 or 2SE could be activity names)

If you don’t want to see it in your grade book as the first entry until the end of the year set its date for 3/18 on the 4th quarter and 10/20 on the second quarter (let me know if you don’t agree with this)

2. Select Average Setup

3. Select EX1 in the fall and EX2 in the Spring

4. Click Averaging method tab

5. Click on the dot next to the blue Single Activity link

6. Select the Sem Exam you created previously for the single activity

7. Click OK twice

8. Click Averaging method tab

9. Click on the second button RUNNING AVERAGE FOR CURRENT TERM

10. At this point you have returned to the Averages screen and you should check that the following are set:

a. 3QTR – Current Grade

b. 4QTR – Current Grade

c. EX1 or EX2 – Single

d. SEM1 or SEM2 – Running Term

11. If the above is correct, click Close


These instructions assume that you have already set up an assignment for the semester exam and set it as a single activity.


1. Under the Manage tab on the left select Average Setup

2. Click on SM2

3. Select the Averaging Method tab

4. Click on the blue underlined Computed Average Combining Other Averages

5. Percentages should be entered in the 3QTR, 4QTR, and EX2 rows and the percentage column.

a. Regular class, the percentage values should be 42.5, 42.5, 15

b. Weighted class the values should be 40, 40, 20.

6. Click OK.

7. Click OK.

8. Click OK

9. When you get to the Average List screen he Type column should read:

a. Current grade

b. Current grade

c. Single

d. Percentage

10. Click Close